Saturday, October 22, 2011

Well hello, 21st century!

My technology know-how can be summarized in two words: "NO!" and "How???!?" Simply put, in the world of technology, I'm beyond lost and I have no idea where to ask for directions. Packing up my family and relocating to a far-flung area of the globe has seemed like a more feasible option to me than moving into the blogosphere.
But, miraculously, here I am. Stumbling and bumbling and bound to make of which I fear could be inadvertently erasing this whole blog as I'm trying to construct it.  Seriously.    :)
Yet I'm determined to press beyond the comfortable and into the 21st century. Because life isn't about comfort; it's about growing, learning, and trying something new. Sometimes the challenge is just to carve out a space in one's life-- a little arena-- for growth. So here is mine.
My idea is to have a place to house a bit of my papercrafting art, to connect with others who have similar interests and passions, and to journey together.  
So I'm moving forward and trying not to look back. (Gulp!...) And, wheeeeeeee! A new blog is born.

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